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Terrence Higgins Trust 2020 Challange

We hope you are keeping safe and well during this pandemic. It sure is challenging for all of us. Many people have adapted to working from home and not able to meet up with family and friends as we were once used to.

Whilst most events are now being held virtually our monthly committee meetings have also switched to being held on line . Even though the we are not meeting in person we have continued to work on our agenda.

Interbank LGBT Forum are pleased to announce we are supporting Terrence Higgins Trust 2020 Challange . THT provide support services ranging from HIV testing , prevention & support to name a few. Many people across the UK who use THT’s services are facing particularly challenging times due to the current pandemic. For people living with HIV and in acute financial crisis, the situation is even more devastating. This is guaranteed to have a huge impact on their mental health.

THT‘s hardship fund which is normally £2,000 per month (divided out) helps support those individuals who have found themselves in financial difficulty. During this pandemic the fund has been increased to £20,000. To help maintain the hardship maintain the hardship fund ,THT have launched the 2020 Challenge.

Many individuals have turned to exercise during the pandemic. Exercise can help maintain good mental health.Those who partake can choose an exercise of choice to complete each day over the course of 20 consecutive days, whilst at the same time raise money for THT. A number of our committee members are taking part. If you would like to donate , you can do so by clicking on the link and donate to one of our team . All donations gratefully accepted .Or you may choose take part, examples are to run or walk 2km / 5km a day , complete 100 press ups or sit ups , the choice is yours !

Keep safe and stay well!


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