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Meet our cochairs of Interbank, Chad and Keiran.

Chad Edwards
Works at EY and has served on the Interbank Committee since 2016 representing the firm where he is a Creative Director for global business development. His clients span from financial services to consumer products and beyond. Chad served as the Co-Chair of EY Unity UK&I for a number of years inspiring growth, intersectionality development as well as influencing policy change within the organization. As Co-Chair Emeritus he now serves as an advisor to the network while supporting continued D&I efforts. His focus on diversity and inclusion includes being a founding member for EY America’s LGBT+ network, Unity (formerly bEYond); a leading advocate for the repeal of DADT in the US as a US Air Force veteran; and exercising global reach with contributing design oversight to the Australia Marriage Equality campaign. He’s been recognised and awarded for his design work by Graphic Design USA and IABC. If he’s not designing or fighting for equality, you’ll find him with his two dogs, Basil and Vino at home, where Chad enjoys baking, painting and planning his next holiday when there’s not a global pandemic.

Keiran Sharman
Keiren has been working in the Banking industry for over 24 years with experience in Commercial Front line sales and Balance Sheet Management before moving into his current role as the Head of Lending for Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets. 

He has been an active member of the Rainbow LGBT+ Steering Committee for over 8 years. Starting as the Mentoring Lead, before expanding the role out to all aspect of career development for 7 years, before moving to become the Interbank representative in 2020.

Keiren has recently moved from London to the Cotswolds where he lives with his husband Dan. Dogs will be coming soon.

We are pleased to have Chad and Keiran as our co-chairs and look forward to you meeting them in person once we are able to resume live activities.

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