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Hate Speech and Hate Crime pannel discussion

Macquarie, one of our member firms, took on the difficult topic of Hate Speech and Hate Crime on Monday evening. The event started by looking at section 28, the impacts that had and some of the law changes since then. This was followed by Marguerite McLaughlin giving a moving account of the response to the Admiral Duncan bombing in 1999, including how different communities all came together.

She was joined by Leng Montgomery and Dalia Fleming for an engaging panel discussion looking back to the Holocaust and it’s impacts on the LGBT community, including our links with the Jewish community, as well as looking at some horrifying statistics from today on the hate crime experienced by members of the LGBT community, in particular the trans community. There was an interesting point raised around how public opinion often follows the law, especially after equal marriage was brought in and people unexpectedly found themselves at gay weddings.

There were several questions from the audience along with some thoughtful comments around the current debate on education.

It was an insightful evening and for as much as it answered it also raised a lot of questions which prompted plenty of discussion after the event.

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